Who We Are

Strategic consulting through philosophies, not systems

SmartVentures LP was founded in 2001 to provide Sales, Marketing, Supply Chain and related advisory services to companies of all sizes. With unique insight based on our collective Sales and Marketing experience, we believe our approach is unique as evidenced by our repeat engagements and documented results.  We provide our business and financial insight to senior leadership while providing stability and guidance to the Sales management and Sales teams throughout all phases of the project.

Been there, done that

SmartVentures has a large network of expertise in many product areas and has worked for Fortune 500 companies as well as some of Wall Street’s most prominent private equity firms and their portfolio companies. We can talk the talk because we have walked the walk.

We believe in four guiding Principles:

  1. Nothing happens until somebody sells something.
  2. Let the numbers tell the story.
  3. If you cannot measure it, you cannot manage it.
  4. As it relates to sales professionals, it is all about talent.

Our focus is to provide meaningful work that drives results

Large enough to be formidable, small enough to be agile

Size is important in the consulting business. SmartVentures is large enough to offer a full line of expert representation to our clients, yet small enough to avoid the management challenges of large overhead and multiple staffing layers. This allows us to spend our time working for your company rather than managing ours. Our nimble size and low overhead frees our team to devote their full efforts toward your goals with the assurance that our top talent is your top talent.