What We Do

Impactful results from a subtle presence

Our Principals have experience in C-Level roles across a broad spectrum of industries, with particular emphasis on the Sales and Marketing discipline. Above all, SmartVentures understands and embraces the need to perform and deliver meaningful results. By viewing our clients’ complete operation, we can evaluate, develop, and implement strategies that will deliver measurable results and bottom-line success.  We focus on working in the background of our clients’ organization, as we understand the need to minimize disruption to the daily operation and sales effort as well as the need for confidentiality.

Bottoms-up is the best way to the top – there is no magic!

Sales is a process that requires rigor, discipline, and ultimately, talent. Our process almost always starts with the sales team and customers. SmartVentures prefers to work “bottoms up” in the organization. We make sales calls with the Sales group, look at the sales activities of the Sales team, attend sales meetings, interview clients, and analyze as much relevant data as possible. By getting down in the weeds, we look for short-term, tactical business opportunities while remaining focused on the intermediate and long-term objectives of the organization. It is through this process that we are able to formulate a path forward.

Outsourced Sales and Marketing

By applying our Principals’ real world, hands-on experience, SmartVentures can also represent our clients’ organization by acting as an outsourced Sales and Marketing department. By introducing a new level of objectiveness with a fresh set of experienced eyes, we begin the process of opening new vertical markets, expanding the current customer base, identifying new sales channels, streamlining fulfillment, and driving increased sales performance and productivity.

Our broad approach leads to targeted objectives

  • Drive performance
  • Reduce the cost of sales
  • Increase outreach
  • Shorten sales cycle
  • Increase profitability
  • Increase job satisfaction