Maximizing Space


The recent focus on dimensional weights and resulting cost increases put in place by the largest small parcel carriers, (FEDEX and UPS) offers an interesting comparison to planning for  a trip and packing luggage.

A few years ago a group of friends and I took a trip to South America for 14 days. A week before we left I started planning what I was going to pack, what was necessary and what wasn’t.  Whenever I travel for longer than a week, I always have to check luggage.  Of course there is that pesky weight restriction of 50 pounds.  Exceed this weight you pay additional fees!  Since I’m already paying for my checked luggage in the ticket price I sure don’t want to pay an additional cost for three extra pounds.

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Moving Forward with the 100 Day Plan

Word Ball - Strategy


It is 4:00 pm on Friday afternoon, you have been informed that your Company was just sold to a Private Equity (often called PE) Firm.  Even if you were a part of the process, you are now facing a different and new reality. Different thoughts and scenarios start racing through your head, what will happen next? Rest assured the PE Firm making the acquisition has an Investment hypothesis and a 100 Day Plan developed.

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Global Supply Chain Optimization Practice

global supply chainIn 2014, it can be said that your competition is no longer local, rather it is global. Impacting your ability to compete is the effectiveness of your Global Supply Chain. For many companies the decisions they make on their Supply Chain will determine their ability to grow both the top line and the bottom line, now and in the future. [Read more…]